Thursday, June 5, 2008

this was a solo venture on my part, but the food was so delicious that it would be impossible to overlook it as a culinary adventure.

a few weeks back, i started an epic trip visiting my friend studying abroad in paris. before i touched ground, though, i had a surprisingly delicious meal aboard continental.

i fly kind of a lot, and once i grew weary of the chicken patty/big bite pizza/cheeseburger rotation continental typically serves, i decided to work my way through all the special meals. for this trip, i had finally hit 'hindu' and i might just stop the experiment because this curry was delicious, the coconut rice was delicious, and who doesn't love milanos, hmmm? no one. delicious. it made up for my later plane faux-pas of assuming rich, creamy european butter was actually brie and spreading it lavishly on my pear. i'm sorry for being american.

i ate my way across paris without taking any pictures, unfortunately, but rest assured, one of my meals was served in scallop shells and basted with wine. i purposely skipped taking any pictures of those pastel delicacies, macarons, because i feel the internet is already oversaturated with such things, though i now see why: there is nothing else in the world that tastes like this. i had moroccan food for the first time in paris as well, and it was sweeter than i ever imagined lamb could be.

moving on! greece was up next, and while i found the country itself a general bumout, this salad is the kind of thing my dreams are made of. i eat greek salads probably five days a week at home, but never so decadently topped with an actual brick of feta oozing with drizzled olive oil. have mercy!

after ten hours on two ferries, and two overnight buses, i ended up traversing turkey, from traditional clay pot stews in goreme to kofte in istanbul's sultanahmet.

and of course, what visit would be complete without doner kebaps?

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Anonymous said...

No recipes or idea of what the greek salad is made of??